Annual Recital 2021

A TIME TO SHINE 2021 – Dual Star Academy of Dance Annual Recital

The recital is our year-end performance where our students get to perform choreographed dance routines for friends and family. The recital is not mandatory but most of our dancers do participate! 

If your dancer wishes to participate, you will need to register them for the recital starting December 1st!

All classes except the following participate:

  • Tumbling 1-2 and Jr. Tumbling 1-2
  • Turns
  • Flex & Stretch
  • Dance Conditioning
  • Adult Classes

Recital Rundown! 


Friday, June 11, 2021

Please arrive 10 minutes early!
**Kinder Rock and Creative Movement classes will not partake in the dress rehearsals.
Show 1: 4:00 pm – dress rehearsal – Monday/Saturday Classes
Show 2: 5:30 pm – dress rehearsal – Wednesday/Friday Classes
Show 3: 7:00 pm – dress rehearsal – Tuesday/Thursday Classes


Location: West Bowles Community Church
12325 W. Bowles Ave
Littleton, CO 80127

Upon Arrival

Please find seats, parents are responsible for their students during dress rehearsal.

This is a full dress rehearsal! All students are to come with performance quality hair & make-up completed as well as dressed in full costume with the proper accessories, shoes, etc…

Students may leave after they participate in their last dance number.


Saturday, June 12, 2021

Dancers need to arrive backstage 30 minutes prior to the start of the show in full hair, make-up and costume!

Show 1: 8:30 am – Monday/Saturday Classes
Click HERE to view show order

Show 2: 12:00 pm – Wednesday/Friday classes
Click HERE to view show order

Show 3: 3:00 pm  – Tuesday/Thursday Classes 
Click HERE to view show order

Location: West Bowles Community Church
12325 W. Bowles Ave
Littleton, CO 80127


The entrance to the auditorium is off of the upper east parking lot. You may park in either one of the two lots (upper east or lower west).

When you arrive one grown-up will need to bring their dancer in through the entrance doors and down the staircase to drop them off at their designated class sign. All other parties can head into the auditorium to find seats. We will have plenty of staff and signs around to help navigate you!

If you need to purchase recital tickets you may visit Mrs. Brooke at the front desk when you walk in (exact change or credit card will be accepted). We will also be selling water for $1 (cash only) and our flower vendor will be in the foyer.

If you have a Kinder Rock or Creative Movement dancer you will go pick your dancer up from downstairs after they perform. If you would like to go back to your seats for the remainder of the show you may and have your dancer sit on your lap, or else you may leave the show.

If you are staying for multiple shows you will be asked to exit the building in between each show. You will not be allowed to leave your belongings or save seats for the next show. We do not have a lot of time between each show, so we kindly ask that you exit the building in a timely manner.


Hair, Makeup, Accessories & Shoes!

Please review this link to see specific details for your dancers’ class! https://www.dualstardance.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Recital-Details-2021.pdf


Below you will see a list of what makeup products we suggest using based on age and appropriateness. * Makeup is not required just suggested! When students are performing with bright lights it tends to wash them out if they do not have the recommended makeup on!

Ages 5 & Under

Lipstick (Warm Pink color preferred)
Eyelash tint or mascara
Minimal brown/black eyeshadow in the crease of the eye


Ages 6-12

Lipstick (Warm Pink color preferred)
MascaraBrown/black eyeshadow (in the crease of the eye and on eyelid)
Eyebrows defined with brow pencil or brow tint


AGES 13 & Up

Lipstick (Warm Pink color preferred)
Brown/black eyeshadow (in the crease of the eye and on eyelid)
Highlighting eyeshadow (light pink/cream)

Eyebrows defined with brow pencil or brow tint


Hair is also an important part of costuming and the overall performance look.  Each teacher will give specific instructions to their students as to how they want their hair for each recital number.  Listed below, you will see some general requirements for most of the hairstyles.

Ballet Bun

No wispies! (A slick, clean look is always required)
Please use a hair net to go over the bun (prevents little pieces from sticking out)
Closed and open face bobby pins are typically required
Use hair ties that match hair color


High Ponytail

No wispies! (A slick, clean look is always required)
The ponytail sits on the crown of the head (med/high) ponytail
Use hair ties that match hair color

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