Dual Star Academy of Dance offers the following classes. Please check our schedule for class times/availability.

Kinder Rock

This class is for dancers between the ages of 2 and 3 years old. It is an introduction to ballet and jazz while incorporating coordination and movement. It also integrates visual stimulation and games to keep the dancers learning and having fun.

Creative Movement

This class is for dancers between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. It introduces the dancers to the basics of ballet, tap, and jazz technique and vocabulary in a structured class environment. The students will develop rhythm, coordination, and movement all while building their confidence and self-esteem.


The ballet program teaches dancers strong technique through traditional ballet. The students will learn proper placement, turnout, technique and vocabulary in a disciplined environment. This will develop strong work ethics and discipline in a positive atmosphere, which will build self-esteem. Ballet is the basis for all other forms of dance and we recommend ballet to every dancer. Pointe classes are by teacher approval.


The jazz program focuses on building strong technique, strength, and flexibility. The classes incorporate stretching, across the floor combinations, and jazz routines. The dancers will learn different turns, jumps, leaps, and extensions while incorporating them into many different styles of jazz.


The tap program concentrates on both rhythmic and classical tap methods. Students will learn vocabulary, rhythmic timing, improvisation and tap choreography.


Lyrical/Contemporary classes are taught using ballet, jazz, and modern technique. This style of dance is very interpretive to the music and allows students the ability to express more emotion through dance.


The poms program focuses on preparing dancers for high school, college, or professional dance teams. The classes teach sharp, clean motions through across the floor and pom combinations. These classes also concentrate on the many “skills” that are required by dance teams such as jumps, leaps, and turns.

Hip Hop

This is a fun and up-beat class that integrates many different styles of hip-hop including pop and lock, street style, and break dancing. Students will learn the trendiest moves that they see in the current pop culture.

Stretch and Strength

Stretch and strength classes develop dancers’ flexibility and strength. These classes are designed to enhance students’ technique in turns, jumps, and leaps. The class will focus on elongating and strengthening muscles to give dancers more power and strength when dancing.


These classes are designed to train dancers in turns. Dancers will do many exercises to build core strength and technique.


The jumps program focuses on building strength and power for jumps and leaps. The classes incorporate jumps and leaps in the center, across the floor, and in combinations.


The teen program is geared towards teenagers who have not danced before or have taken time off from dance and would like a refresher. These classes are for beginning and intermediate teens.

Adult Ballet

The adult ballet program teaches adults, 18 years and older, strong technique and offers a strengthening workout through traditional ballet. Adult dancers will learn proper placement, turnout, technique and vocabulary while engaging their core and other muscle groups. This class is geared towards all levels and welcomes ANY adult who has always wanted to try ballet, taken a break from ballet, or who has been taking ballet for years.

Important Dates

Thursday, June 10, 2021


Studio Closures

Sunday, May 29 – Monday, May 31, 2021

Birthday Parties

Dual Star offers birthday parties! We can customize a birthday to fit your theme! Dual Star offers party packages for dance birthdays as well as puppet birthdays. For more information or to book your party, call 303-770-6498.


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